Bargain of the Week!
27 November 2009

Bargain of the Week!

Front view
Interior view
Back view

Due to the Postcard-esque design, the first thing that came to mind was that it looks like YSL’s Limited Edition “Postmark” collection. I know a lot of people who still yearn for the bags and accessories from YSL’s “Postmark” collection because they either missed their chance because by the time they heard of it, it was SOLD OUT; or because it was slightly over their budget. So, for those of you who are facing that predicament, here’s your chance to get a similar, but more fun and whimsical version. Sure, it doesn’t bear the YSL’s maison address, and neither does it have the YSL postmark stamp embossed on it, nor is it made of leather, but this Felix Rey “Love Letter” clutch definitely a cheaper alternative priced at just $130. Made of metal mesh, this fun (which is also almost touches the Lulu Guinness mark on the “fun and whimsical” scale) clutch is available via Shopbop