Alexander McQueen Ocelot Print Clutches
8 April 2012

Alexander McQueen Ocelot Print Clutches

I’ve been a fan of McQueen bags ever since he designed the “Novak”. But then came the skull details. Now that, I really am not a fan of. Exotic skins I can deal with, and as you know, I’m not grossed out by them, but skulls, now that’s a whole different ballgame altogether. While everyone is raving about how cool McQueen’s incorporations of skulls are into his design aesthetic, I for one, am quite intimidated by them, and find them rather, well, scary because they literally freak me out. So I guess you could call me a living example of how when someone who likes studs and zippers, it doesn’t necessarily include skulls. Perhaps I’m one of the few, but oh well.

We’ve pretty much established the fact that skulls are a major no-no for me. But I did find myself picking out this ocelot printed hair calf and leather convertible clutch. And while I love the animal print (especially when on hair calf or pony hair because of the natural sheen that makes it so glossy), the skull clasp really bothers me, A LOT.

£1,026.66 via Net-a-Porter 

Because of that, I picked out this other ocelot print twill “De Manta” clutch. The curved base at the bottom makes it really comfortable when hand held. And the fold over sides have always been a favourite of mine. Come to think of it, that’s probably the main reason why I love the “De Manta” whether it be bags or clutches, because of the folded sides, or “dog ears” as some might refer to them as. And look — I still get my Ocelot sans skull!! 🙂

£297.91 via Net-a-Porter

Now which would you pick? Skull, or no skull?