Newsflash: Chanel to Increase Prices in May!!
30 April 2014

Newsflash: Chanel to Increase Prices in May!!

Image via Style Republic

This just in! For those of you who are eyeing anything from Chanel’s Classic range, go grab it PRONTO! Chanel will be increasing its prices in May by yet another 16%!** Well I guess the consolation is that it’s less than their usual 20% increase as per previous years? Whatever it is though, the prices are only gonna go onwards and upwards!

** Please note that this price hike that is gonna happen in May is applicable to Malaysia. Chanel has already increased their prices in certain countries as of mid-April 2014. Check with the boutiques in your respective countries as to when this will occur as certain countries haven’t revised their prices as yet (but will do soon because this applies to all countries worldwide)