Chanel's Gabrielle Bag For Pre-Fall 2017
15 August 2017

Chanel’s Gabrielle Bag For Pre-Fall 2017

So we know that Chanel has been spending loads of their advertising budget on the promotion of the Gabrielle bag. Yet, despite all that, it still isn’t working on me because I don’t find myself liking it. In fact, my honest reaction when I see a Gabrielle, is “oh, again??” And now, here are the Pre-Fall 2017 collection variations of the bag – with either a Gabrielle or Gabrielle-Coco in patch- or embroidered form, which reminds me of a varsity jacket. I get that they’re probably trying to expand their target market to appeal to a younger one – their choice of Gabrielle campaign stars itself is pretty telling – but it just seems so out of character because this vibe doesn’t fit their brand DNA and aesthetic, don’t you think?   I already wasn’t too keen on the original plain Gabrielle bags, but now these varsity-esque editions just feels as if Chanel is trying too hard to win the younger crowd.

Images via Chanel