Chanel's FW16 Lambskin Flap Bag With Pearls
11 November 2016

Chanel’s FW16 Lambskin Flap Bag With Pearls

I’m not big on pearls, because they’re too ladylike for my taste, and it’ll probably be something I wear only when I’m, say, 60 or so. In saying this, I don’t mean that pearls aren’t age-appropriate for younger ladies or even teenagers who love pearls, because hey, a certain Blair Waldorf wore it so well. It’s just that it isn’t my thing, y’know? While I do consider myself rather feminine (my obsession with pink, flamingoes, and bows), you probably already know that I still need my doses of quirk and that bit of rockstar, which I get from oversized hardware, and studs.  Having said this, I actually quite like Chanel’s variations on their classics with the new addition of pearls on the iconic interlaced leather-and-chain shoulder straps.

This new variation comes in 2 styles, one more squarish, while the other is of an elongated rectangle. I actually prefer the latter, which, to me, is much more elegant, especially for evening use, and in that pink, rather than in black.

What do you think of these new babies?

Images via Chanel