Chanel's Chain Bowling Bag
4 May 2020

Chanel’s Chain Bowling Bag

It isn’t often we come across cylindrical bags, and it has certainly been awhile since we’ve seen one. The last remember seeing, was Dior’s Roll Bag  from the Men’s Atelier line 2 years ago, in Spring/Summer 2018, so it really is a breath of fresh air, when we see this as part of the seasonal collections, which is what Chanel has done, for Spring/Summer 2020.

Chanel has named this the Chain Bowling Bag, and it’s easy to see how it gets it’s name … well, chain-wise anyway because the Chain literally spells out Chanel in cursive style, with the signature gold, silver and ruthenium chain interlaced with leather. As for why it’s called the “bowling bag”, we have absolutely no clue, because bowling bags tend to be dome shaped, instead of cylindrical, or as a friend calls it, a “bolster” or “pencil case” shaped bag. Though I’m not a fan of any brands splashed across the bags, this one is quite a cute darling, not to mention a great fun bag for your casual outfits and summer dresses.

Available in either black, grey, or red leather, as well as tweed, we find the black the most classy.


Image: Chanel