Chanel's Graffiti Mini Flap Bag
17 April 2014

Chanel’s Graffiti Mini Flap Bag

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would recognise this photo from last week. Yep, last Friday, I paid Chanel a visit and couldn’t take my eyes off this mini flap bag from the Spring/Summer 14 runway collection. And no, don’t let your eyes betray you because it isn’t canvas, but calf leather! That’s right. Tis the season of all things graffiti and artsy fartsy at Chanel and I really really REALLY am lusting over this right now. MAJOR love, and the stuff fantasies are made of. Mummy dearest didn’t approve though because she says it looks like a child scrawled all over it with crayons, *pfft and sobs*, so I came home with another mini Chanel bag instead.

This graffiti mini flap retails for RM10,000+. If mini is too small, it’s available in a larger size, but this is WAAAAYYYY cuter. Someone please buy this and tag me (@bagaddictsanon) on Twitter and/or Instagram so that I can live vicariously through you!