Chanel Fall 2012 Couture Bags
4 July 2012

Chanel Fall 2012 Couture Bags

The Fall 2012 Couture shows have begun, and as you all know, commenting on clothes aren’t really my forte, so let’s focus on the bags. 

Well, obviously the focus of the Couture collections are the clothes, but since Chanel featured bags, let’s chat a little bit about them. 🙂 

There was just one silhouette for the bag, and in true Chanel fashion, it came with quilted  and chainlink details. At first glance, due to the handle loop, I initially thought that it was a small arm-carried bag, but in this case carried over the top folded over and clutched (that seems to be in line with the current “clutching” and “grabbing” trends on the runway).  After taking a closer look, I realised that it couldn’t have been the case, because if it was meant to be like this, given that the chainlink details go all around the bag, there would be 2 chain handle straps and not just one! So, in this instance, the bag just looks like a more slouchy tweed version of the Classic Flap but sans the logo clasp detail, but with an additional chain link loop for your hand to go into that makes clutching it a whole lot easier.


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