Chanel Does Pokemon
27 May 2016

Chanel Does Pokemon

I’m no Pokemon fan, and I’ve never watched a single episode of that Japanese anime, but one of my cousins used to be a massive fan, and I’ve spent enough time around him back in the days, to know what Pokeballs look like (they’re those spherical things in which the Pokemons are kept by their owner).  When I saw these leather Chanel evening bags come down the Spring/Summer 16 runway it already immediately reminded me of the Pokeball capsules. And now that I’ve had the opportunity to have a better look at them, man, they look even more alike up close…


While the Chanel evening bags are made of leather and are not bi-coloured like the Pokeball I’m still dubbing these as Chanel Pokeball Bags. They get a resounding NAY from me. What say you?

Images via Chanel
Poke ball image via Therpf