Céline's Winter 2014 Bags
23 July 2014

Céline’s Winter 2014 Bags

Meet the Belt Bag, a new shape that’s introduced as part of Céline’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. I’ve seen this in the flesh and it’s absolutely divine. And that’s saying quite a bit because I haven’t liked anything ever since the introduction of the Luggage Tote (and yes, that means I ain’t a fan of the Trapeze).

Of course, it goes without saying that I like this camel-coloured version with the striking pink interior and trims and for those of you who prefer safer colours but would like to try experimenting with some pops of colour, but are afraid that it may be too “loud”, then the contrast coloured trims and stitching would do just fine. Though I’d have to warn you that the regular size is quite large, so if you want something smaller then the Mini Belt Bag (below) would be better suited to your needs.

Come Winter 2014, the Luggage Family morphs into these variants:

Luggage Tote in Tweed Grape


I wouldn’t usually be drawn to gingham because somehow it reminds me of the tablecloths at those clichéd Italian restaurants, but I somehow really like it on this Luggage Phantom. Hm…perhaps it’s the bright blue.

Winter 2014 at Céline also features the Trapeze, Edge and Box bags in burgundy leather with contrast yellow stitching, which are a little bland for my liking so I guess for this range, it’s in the details – notice that the stitches are visibly larger on them.






Out of everything from this collection, my picks would have to be the Belt Bag (three cheers for this new silhouette!) and the Gingham Luggage Phantom.

What are YOUR thoughts on the burgundy bags with the yellow stitching?

Images courtesy of Céline