1 March 2022

Cartier Launches the Panthère de Cartier Bag

Cartier kicks off a new month with the launch of the Panthère de Cartier bag. As we all know, the Panthère, has been one of the Maison’s House Codes since the days of Jeanne Toussaint adopted this majestic feline as her signature while she was Creative Director in the 1940s.

Panthère de Cartier Bag Mini and Small Black Red

Designed by the accessories design studio led by Artistic Director Marlin Yuson at Cartier’s international headquarters in Paris, Just like its namesake, the panther, fashioned in a “C” formation,  appears front and centre as the clasp on Cartier’s latest structured boxy top handle handbag, complete with black speckles created with black lacquer, reminiscent of the latest Panthére de Cartier bracelets. And, just like the the Maison’s jewellery, the panther clasp is also given the exact same fine jewellery treatment, and lots of communication between the design and jewellery departments, from the first mould, to the final perfect shape, that is hand-polished to enhance its luminosity.

Panthère de Cartier Bag Pale Pink Side Profile

For the bag’s body and its accordion-style silhouette, the bag is crafted from sustainably sourced calf leather with a wavy grained textured Palmetto effect, created by first applying a paper to the surface with the help of a fixing spray, followed by the rolling up of the skin which is to be dried, so that the texture of the paper permeates the calf skin. Once the paper is removed, you’d have that wavy imprint on the leather. For its final stage of treatment, a fixing spray is then applied to the leather to protect it and make it scratch-resistant, yet at the same time, giving it its glossy sheen.

Panthère de Cartier Top Handle Handbag

Available in either small or mini, the Panthère de Cartier bag comes in Black, Red Cherry or Dark Green with gold hardware and clasp, or pale pink with silver hardware and clasp.


Images courtesy of Cartier