Cartier Introduces the Double C de Cartier Bag
29 January 2021

Cartier Introduces the Double C de Cartier Bag

is back with another handbag release, and this time, we introduce you to the Double C de CartierJust like its moniker, this boxy and structured shoulder bag with Cartier’s double C logo in metal and lacquer as its clasp, making it its distinctive characteristic, except this time, without being encased in an oval, like it usually is.  A more minimalistic, yet modern vibe, that still resonates strongly with the brand’s DNA, and no less elegant, with the ability to weather the seasons and withstand the test of time.

Double C de Cartier Mini Size Cherry Red

We sought to modernise the logo by freeing it from the interior oval, where it had previously appeared on the Maison’s bags. We handled it like a piece of jewellery, with particular attention being paid to its unexpected opening. For the first time, its presence is both aesthetic and functional, not to mention the pretty click sound it makes when closed, further enhancing its jewel clasp.

Moreover, the highly structured bag shape is so streamlined that it allows the clasp to shine ~ Marin Huson, Director of Leather and Leather Accessory Creation~

Double C de Cartier Bags Black Cherry Red Fuchsia Powdered Pink

Made of calfskin, the Double C de Cartier is Available in 2 sizes (nano or mini), in either black, fuchsia, cherry red, or powder pink (which, under some types of lighting, appear nude too!), this bag can be worn crossbody, or on the shoulder. Our favourite would definitely have to be the mini size, in either cherry or fuchsia!


Images courtesy of Cartier