Burberry's Studded Baby Banner Bag
11 July 2016

Burberry’s Studded Baby Banner Bag

When Burberry’s Banner bag was first introduced, I wasn’t that much of a fan and didn’t really pay that much attention to it as a result. And ever since, I’ve been going about my merry ways taking notice of other Burberry beauties like the Bucket bag particularly the fringe version in suede! But then, here comes this studded Baby Banner bag which is part-cutesy, part-Rocker Chic, and part-badass. Despite this, there isn’t any form of identity crisis going on with this little beauty. I highly suspect, though, that it’s the studs on the bag, that have stolen my heart. No surprises here I’m sure, because y’all already know about my weakness for all things studded. =P  You’d also probably realise by now, that it is a rather rare occurrence to hear me raving about small or mini bags because I’m the sort who feels the need to absolutely bring everything with me – yep, I’m the sort who over-prepares for everything. Whatever you need, I probably have it in my bag, including a medicine kit, and band-aids, I kid you not. But, for RM 7,395  and with a detachable crossbody strap to boot, it’s quite a fair price to pay for this tiny darling!

Image courtesy of Burberry