Bulgari's Fall/Winter 2014 Bags
8 July 2014

Bulgari’s Fall/Winter 2014 Bags

Bulgari’s pays homage to its hometown, Rome, for the Fall/Winter 2014 Bags collection.

The collection is so well thought-out colour that the palette, too, reflects the Italian city. From Grey and Silver that are reminiscent of the icy reflections of Rome’s historic fountains and camel and gold tones that are inspired by the rays of sunlight that stream through the city’s opulent monuments, to the blue and green hues reflective of the romantic gardens and ostentatious water features, and shades of red in scarlet, burgundy and flamant rose to represent autumn leaves.

In addition to Bulgari’s existing Serpenti collection, two new styles have been introduced for Fall/Winter 14 – the Icona 10 and the Serpenti Scales.

First up, the Icona 10. Though the Icona 10  has the same turn lock clasp as the Isabella Rossellini bag, they’re actually different. The Icona 10 comes in two variations: a tote and a small shoulder bag. This season, the tote is actually tri-coloured – one for the exterior, another for the trims, and the interior in a contrasting colour.

Icona 10 (Small) RM 9.250


Love, love, love!
Icona 10 (Medium) RM10,200



Icona 10 shoulder bag

And then we have an extension of the Serpenti family, the Serpenti Scales (or Scaglie, in Italian) that comes in 3 different silhouettes:  with a snake chain strap for evening/cocktail, top handle, and a day tote.

Serpenti Scaglie in Exotic Lizard/Calf leather combo – perfect for Evening use
RM 11,700


Metallic python Serpenti Scales, RM13,100


The colour combo is to die for!
Serpenti Scales in calf leather RM 9,000

At this point, you may be wondering, “I don’t get it. Isn’t it just another snake? Why the differentiation from the Serpenti?” Well, the answer is both yes, and no. For the Serpenti collection, the snake’s head was always visible on either the clasp (for the shoulder bag) or on the zipper pull (for the tote). This time around, there isn’t a snake’s head anywhere to be seen. Additionally, the “snake body” details were actually hand-painted enamel. For the “Serpenti Scales”, it’s actually 3D textured scales – all of it is hardware, and none of it hand-painted nor enamel.

Details on the scale hardware

As for me, I’m in love with the electric blue “Icona 10” and the tri-coloured top handle calf leather version of the Serpenti Scaglie! Another plus point is that Bulgari is the epitome of understated luxury, not to mention, a brand that isn’t too commonly seen, especially in KL. 😉

Did any of these babies tickle your fancy?

Images courtesy of Bulgari