2 April 2018

Trend Alert: Staud’s Moreau Bucket Bag

You’ve probably seen this bucket bag all over Instagram on the arm of many a fashion blogger, and Aimee Song (a.k.a. Song of Style) is one of them. Let me introduce you to the bag that’s selling out like hot cakes, the Moreau Bucket Bag by Staud. Founded in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and George  in downtown Los Angeles, this label is all about accessible fashion, and affordable luxury.

Staud Moreau Bucket Bag

The Moreau Bucket bag started making waves last season when über fashion influencer Aimee was spotted with the terracotta-coloured version. Its accessible price point at US$375 a pop didn’t hurt too, as they soon flew off the shelves, both online, and in brick-and-mortar stores. Pretty soon, the 2 words that all enthusiastic shoppers hated to hear and/or see, started popping out everywhere: “sold out“. Yep, they were virtually impossible to purchase, and not just the neutral-toned version that Aimee has, but even the ones in softer shades like blush pink. If you’re looking for these 2 colours, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to find them anymore. But, fret not, you can still find them in the latest Spring/Summer 18 collection, in vibrant bi- and tri-colour options.

Staud Moreau Bucket Bag SS18

Staud Moreau Bucket Bag SS18


Personally, while I do find bucket bags super practical and I really like some of the new colourways from SS18 – because, hey, ya’ll know I love my pops of colour – this is yet another trend that I can’t quite fully wrap my head around. I mean, I don’t know about you, but to me, with its macramé-knotted net on the exterior of the leather bucket, it really reminds me of a hanging flowerpot… In fact, with all the DIY tutorials out there when you google “jute plant hanger” they come with instructions on how to tie these very same knots (and even more fanciful ones too!), you could actually just make one for yourself, really, especially those of you who have a knack for crafting (see image below).

Staud Moreau Bucket Bag Red Hanging Planter Comparison

Okay, perhaps for the DIY version you may not be able to make those rounded rolled leather semicircle handles that sit quite comfortably on the arm, but the point is, do you really want to turn yourself into a human flowerpot carrier? I don’t. BUT, If you’re still looking to score one of these, then you better get your hands on them, STAT before you regret them, because I can guarantee that they’ll be snapped up pretty quickly. Happy shopping! For your convenience, I’ve linked those that are still available (though in very limited quantities), right below this post.

Images via Staud

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