#PFW: Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2013 Bags
28 September 2012

#PFW: Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2013 Bags

Balenciaga was the first to livestream their show since Paris Fashion Week kicked off 2 days ago.  Spotted at the FROW, Anna Wintour (in Prada again!), Grace Coddington, Hamish Bowles were seatmates along with Kristen Stewart on Anna W’s right (yes, you read that right). If you didn’t already know, K Stew is Ghesquiere’s hot new favourite celeb du jour, hence the face of Balenciaga’s FloraBotanica fragrance.

The show began suddenly just only after 10 minutes past schedule, that one would have barely noticed that the show had begun. It was only slightly later that the background track to the runway show became more audible. The opening look was (followed by numerous other subsequent looks) , like many of the other runway shows, was in a monochromatic colour scheme, which I believe will officially be a trend come Spring/Summer 2013. SS13, too, doesn’t bode well for us mere mortals who don’t have size zero figures due to the number of midriff-baring looks not only from Balenciaga, but also various other designers that we saw on the runway this season.

What I noticed about Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, was that bags were few and far between. I counted, probably, a maximum of ONLY 6 looks that came down the runway with a bag in tow.

The Verdict: You might’ve noticed from the above that Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2013 bags were cylindrical in shape, with minor variations: the larger ones came with a double all-around zip top closure, and the smaller, with a lockable clasp closure.

As you know, Balenciaga has always been one of my favourite brands (but less so since they discontinued the giant studs and replaced it with the giant 12, which I’m still absolutely sore about!). This time, though, I am severely underwhelmed by the bags, or well, BAG, because I certainly don’t know who’d want to be carrying around a cylindrical bag like that. Perhaps if I were carrying bottles of water around then perhaps, but as a bag, well, not at all to be honest.

What do YOU think?

Images via Now Fashion