Mansur Gavriel's New Fringe Bucket & Fringe Tote
22 October 2018

Mansur Gavriel’s New Fringe Bucket & Fringe Tote

Mansur Gavriel, the brand that kickstarted the return of the bucket bag, and caused a fashion frenzy when they first introduced their version of the bucket, is back, with another type of Bucket. This time, it’s the Fringe Bucket, as well as a Fringe Tote.

Mansur Gavriel Fringe Bucket Cammello Interior View

Unlike their first bucket with a drawstring closure, the Fringe Bucket is, well … umm, a bucket in the truest sense of the word. Structured and with a top that’s left completely open, the fringed top handle is essentially several strips of leather than are laced through slits on either side of the bag. If you’re fine carrying something that really looks like a chicer version of an actual bucket, then perhaps this is something that you’d like.

Mansur Gavriel Fringe Tote Black Interior View

The Fringe Tote, also comes with this fringed leather strip handle that’s laced through slits on the bag. Perhaps the only differences between the two, are that the tote version has double handles, a zip-top closure, and less structured. Both styles come in two colourways, with a contrast coloured matte patent leather interior: Black with “Flamma” (red), or Cammello (a sort of caramel leather), with “Rosa” (pale pink) on the inside.

I’m not a fan of patent leather anything, much less the interior of the bag, but if I had to choose between the Fringe Bucket or Fringe tote, I’d opt for the tote, in black.

Both of these bags are available for purchase via the official website. Oh, and the best part? They cover customs duties and taxes when shipping to Malaysia!


Images via Mansur Gavriel