Loewe's Paula Ibiza Smiley Collection
17 July 2020

Loewe’s Paula Ibiza Smiley Collection

Ah, the Smiley. Something so ubiquitous and bursting with positivity, this bright sunshiny circle with oval eyes and a hand-drawn, upturned mouth, is the universal emblem of happiness, which appeared in popular culture as early as the 1960s, during the Hippie era.

This summer, within Paula Ibiza‘s Loewe Capsule, are a range of clothing and accessories emblazoned with the Smiley, a feel-good collection, from which happiness radiates. We see them on tees die-dyed in bright pastels, or juxtaposed against black and white. On the accessories, they’re even brighter and bolder. Here, you’d find basket bags woven from palm leaves, a Slit bag with an oversized yellow patch of sunshine, on a small calf leather Gate Pocket Bag, and the Heel Pouch. And for those without that Smiley face grinning at you, you’d find the latest Balloon bag, with neon yellow leather trims which shine as brightly as the smiley itself!

In the spirit of positivity and happiness, Loewe has made a commitment to bigger and brighter days ahead, by donating €40 to children’s educational projects for every product sold from Paula Ibiza’s fashion collection between May and August 2020 in Loewe boutiques and online, in hopes of lessening the impact of children in socially vulnerable groups affected by COVID-19, starting with an initial donation of €5oo,o0o.


Images courtesy of Loewe