Loewe's Bamboo Bucket Bag
11 May 2020

Loewe’s Bamboo Bucket Bag

These days, there haven’t been very many bags that we have found ourselves really loving or lusting over. But this Loewe Bamboo Bucket Bag really stole our hearts in a MASSIVE way. In fact, we’re even going as far as to call it our favourite bag for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. #notsponsored

Unlike most bucket bags which typically come with a drawstring closure, this Loewe version literally looks like a bucket, and they particularly remind me of  those buckets with the wooden rods across, used to collect water from the village’s nearby water source. Well, at least that’s the image I have in my mind. However, the folks at Loewe tells us that this Bamboo Bucket Bag was inspired by traditional Asian Bamboo vases … hmm.. now that they’ve mentioned it, I guess yea it kinda resembles the vases.

Crafted by calf leather, this open top structured boxy bucket, priced at MYR 7,500,  is lined in suede, has an internal patch pocket, and comes with a detachable strap for crossbody wear. Available in tan, black, honey, chestnut (dark brown), and white, only the black and white come with the naturally coloured bamboo handle, while the handle for the other colours, a painted over to match the colour of the bag. Though not usually a fan of white simply because it dirties too easily as well as yellows with age, in this case, we would definitely have to go with the white because it just looks so classy in comparison to the others, don’t you think?


Image: Loewe