Bring on the Sparkle!
25 October 2011

Bring on the Sparkle!

Here’s what I got at the Anya Hindmarch event at KL Hilton on Friday…

… The Valorie clutch, which Anya, the designer herself was seen sporting the black version during the event.

It was a toss between the Valorie and the satin foldover clutch with an oversized stingray tassel that also comes with a gold chain link strap for versatility

And in the end, the Valorie won the fashion tug-of-war.

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking… It’s made of glitter and sparkle dust! That means that it will shed its sparkle and fall off. That was also my main concern. However, that’s only true to a very small extent because while it does fall off, but only ever so slightly. In fact a friend of mine who continuously rubbed her hand over it really hard on few occasions to test it out, and probably only one dot of glitter came off out of all the times she did that so yes, worry not!

You DO have to be careful Not to rub it against delicate clothing because the surface is coarse.