Tumi's Bullet-Proof Briefcase: A Tough Bag of Tricks
25 November 2012

Tumi’s Bullet-Proof Briefcase: A Tough Bag of Tricks

Tumi’s luxe luggage and travel bags is known for its durability and anti-damage and anti-slashable bags. Their latest Tegra Lite range has a new addition that makes it truly invincible.

If you have super-duper important documents to carry around (oh, I don’t know maybe they concern matters of national security) or perhaps you’re moonlighting as James Bond or a Charlie’s Angel, then you really should get this attaché because it’s bullet-proof, I kid you not and no, you don’t need to get your eyes checked because you read that correctly. Still, there’s more tricks up this bag’s sleeve, because there’s a fake “bottom” to have you thinking that the bag contains nothing else, but there’s actually a hidden compartment right beneath it. Tough stuff indeed.

Only 28 pieces of this US$5,995 Tumi bullet-proof attaché has been produced worldwide.

What say you?

Images courtesy of Tumi