Montblanc's Limited Edition Secret Adornment Briefcase: The Tattoo Edition
28 June 2016

Montblanc’s Limited Edition Secret Adornment Briefcase: The Tattoo Edition

Montblanc has collaborated with renowned London-based Italian tattoo artist, Mo Coppoletta. The artist is one of the very few who have mastered the art of tattooing on leather – something that is not an easy feat to conquer because leather stains, cut and bruise easily. Because each piece has to be individually hand-etched with the use of Montblanc ink on the inner flap of the the Secret Adornment briefcase, there are only 30 pieces available worldwide. Oh and guess what? Your initials will also be integrated into the design!

All 3 designs are inspired by Montblanc’s 110-year heritage: The serpent, which was introduced on the clip of Montblanc’s first series of fountain pens, the “Rouge et Noir”, the second, is a hot air balloon, symbolic of travel, and thus a vital eye-opener that allowed the Montblanc founders to create  and introduce new types of writing instruments; the third, depicts a world map, which signifies the Maison’s global presence, with stores in over 120 countries. If you’re a fan of the serpent version, it is only available exclusively at Montblanc’s Florence boutique, the home city of their leather manufacture, as well as selected e-boutiques. The other two, will be available at select Montblanc boutiques and e-commerce platforms globally.

If you’re thinking of getting your hands on one, each briefcase can be ordered via the brands made-to-order service (limited to 30 pieces).

“Some of the tattoo artistry of this collection requires more than two days of tattoo work, to be completed with the highest finishes standards. … The use of Montblanc ink makes the quality of the work even more spectacular, as such a precious liquid is rarely used to perform tattoo artistry” – Mo Coppoletta-

And since it’s bespoke, you’ll receive your items approximately 3 months later.

Images courtesy of Montblanc