Know Where Your Belongings Are with Montblanc's e-Tag!
29 December 2015

Know Where Your Belongings Are with Montblanc’s e-Tag!

We have all had that problem of misplacing our belongings, and then having a mini heart attack every time we think we’ve lost that certain item in question. I, for one, can vouch that I’ve had many a heart attack thinking I’ve lost my phone, and then frantically search for it and then find it nestled in one of the crevices in my bag. And then comes that huge sigh of relief. Which is why these days, all my pouches inside my bag, phone cover included, have to be colourful, so that it makes them easy to spot. I guess it’s much easier for us girls, but when it comes to the guys out there, how many guys do we know actually carry a bag around anyway?

What’s great is that Montblanc has certainly thought of this, or maybe the creator of this genius e-tag device has also experienced what I’ve described above, one too many times. The latest e-tag device comes attached to a key fob, and prevents your personal belongings against any loss or theft ensuring that your keys, wallet, bag, luggage, or what-have-yous are within reach. Made from full-grain cowhide, this trackable deice is available either in Meisterstück black, soft grain black, or soft grain blue leather, and connected via Bluetooth to the Montblanc iPhone app (sorry android peeps!)

This genius device not only let’s you locate your items, it also comes with a range alarm when the e-Tag is moved out of your proximity. And to make things more discreet, the “alarm” doesn’t sound like  alarming at all (pardon the pun) — instead, it plays a Montblanc melody and navigates the user to the last seen location of the e-Tag. But, if the tag is moved or detached, an alarm will be triggered. There’s also a reconnect alarm function once the e-Tag is in range, for example, when your checked baggage appears on the luggage carousel. Chargeable via a USB device, the e-Tag retails for RM750 — an affordable investment I’d say, because your belongings are certainly worth MUCH more!  Read: mainly your bags – heh, we Bag Addicts are super particular about this aren’t we?

Image courtesy of Montblanc