Gift Ideas for Father's Day from Burberry
9 June 2015

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day from Burberry

We’re just a weekend away from Father’s Day. This dawned upon me when I was at Pavilion over the weekend, and I can’t remember exactly where in the mall I was at that point in time, but I do remember that I was riding the escalator down, and saw sailboats with 21 June hanging in abundance.  I panicked a little, realising how little time I had left.

In our family, we never tend to surprise each other with gifts. Instead, we go with each other to choose our own presents, be it for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and what-have-you. This time, I wanted to do something different, so I convinced my dad to head into the bookstore while mum and myself went around the mall in frantic search for a gift that he may like, for Father’s Day. And then we both realised that even though I’d pretty much decided what I would be surprising him with this year, mum pointed out that I couldn’t possibly get dad a gift on that day, because if we did, how then would be be able to smuggle it into the car without him noticing? I then went back to the bookstore to tell him that we were ready to leave, set on coming back another day to get the present when he was at work. On the way to the carpark, however, he stopped at a store, and proceeded to try stuff on, and excitedly exclaimed that I could buy him the shoes he had just tried on since he hadn’t chosen his Father’s Day present yet. At this point, I couldn’t actually say that I won’t be getting him the shoes because I’d already planned to get him something else. My initial plan to surprise him was now foiled, and I got the shoes for him instead. Haha

Looking back, it seems kinda funny that he spoilt his own surprise, but I guess that couldn’t be helped, since we’re all used to going shopping together and choosing our own presents anyway! But, for those of you who don’t practise such rituals, then here are some gift ideas – from accessories to bags –  from Burberry’s Men’s collection that I’ve picked out for you for that special Man in your life!

How about a backpack for dad, especially if he’s an exercise freak, like my dad?


How about gifts that dad can wear to work like ties, cufflinks, and a briefcase, iPad folio, or satchel?

Something for work like ties, portfolios and cufflinks perhaps?


Burberry Brit fragrance


The multicolour colour-blocked sneakers which I absolutely adore. They have it in the women’s collections too. If only they had my size *sobs*. And no, these weren’t the shoes that my dad had chosen, but I kind of wish they were, so that I could live vicariously through him. Oh well, one can dream…

Images courtesy of Burberry