Father's Day Gift Ideas From Burberry
12 June 2017

Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Burberry

Burberry has got you covered this Father’s Day with these lovely gift ideas! Remember the DK88 Collection that I introduced you to, right after the Burberry show in February? If you remember, there’s also a range for Men! It comes in what Burberry calls Trench Leather, and let me tell you, even though it looks so sturdy, it’s actually so soft and buttery, you’d actually think you’re touching suede. So how about the briefcase for daddykins this Father’s Day?

However, if the briefcase is beyond your budget, how about something small, yet still equally as luxe, with these leather card holders and men’s wallets? These won’t be breaking the bank for sure! What I really love about these SLGs is that they come in other colours like burnt orange, burgundy, and even green, instead of the run-off-the-mill, boring colours like navy, black, and tan, that men’s SLGs usually come in!

Images courtesy of Burberry