Burberry's Chinese New Year Collection
17 February 2015

Burberry’s Chinese New Year Collection

Burberry welcomes the Year of the Sheep with these goodies for Chinese New Year! 

The Small Alchester, RM5,695 each

You’re probably as confused as I am about why yesterday it was referred to as the Year of the Goat, and today, it’s the Year of the Sheep. I’ve also personally had this conversation with several people numerous times because I was rather befuddled as to whether it was the Year of the Goat, Sheep, or Ram. I know they’re entirely different animals; a different species even – well the goat and a sheep that is. But apparently when the Chinese character is used, it can mean either Goat/Sheep/Ram. So yeah, I don’t know how these 2 are the same, but, they are. So, since Chinese New Year is based around the Lunar calendar, then who are we to argue about this interchangeability? Lol

Anyway, I’m digressing…

Burberry has curated some bags and accessories for both men and women especially for Chinese New Year. And of course, red and yellow/orange being the auspicious colours for the festive season, here’s what they have picked out!

For men, the accessories and leather goods come in an assortment of black, grey, and maroon.


Zip-Around Wallets for Men (but it’s really unisex in my opinion!)




Embossed Check Leather Continental Wallet, RM 2,250


Small Orchard in Embossed Leather, RM 4,995
Lunar New Year Check Cashmere Scarves, RM 2,595 each

Lastly, there’s even the scarf with the Chinese character Fú, embroidered onto it, which translates into “fortune” and “good luck”. Lucky scarf anyone?

All images courtesy of Burberry