YSL's Leopard Print Easy Bag
11 December 2010

YSL’s Leopard Print Easy Bag

I was browsing the YSL store at Pavilion the other day, and being a fan of Animal Prints, this Leopard print Easy Bag in silk-nylon caught my eye. While the Black silk-nylon version looks rather poorly made, with the fabric creasing and pulling at the “Y” giving off the impression of lacklustre craftsmanship, those issues have certainly been fixed on this leopard print version. Most of you might be probably be thinking that perhaps the leopard print helps to disguise those creases better, well let me tell you that that really isn’t the case. I’ve seen the bag up close, and definitely LOVE it. Plus, this Fall/Winter season IS, after all, Leopard Season. Definitely less “in-your-face” and perfect if you don’t want anything too fierce or loud, especially if you’re just trying out animal prints for the first time.
There is only one piece available at the Pavilion store, and retails for RM 4,330.

Image via Net-a-Porter