#PFW: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Runway & Bags Review
5 October 2012

#PFW: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Runway & Bags Review

I was all excited for Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2013 Runway show because I’m wondering what other tricks Marc Jacobs was going to pull out of that monogrammed LV hat when it came to the runway setup this season. After the carousel at last SS12 which was pretty darn awesome in itself, came the even more spectacular mindblowing Vuitton Express.

This time around, for the SS13 setup, Vuitton had 4 escalators that led to the runway, which had an oversized bright yellow Damier check motif. The runway was a clue to what was to come, because when the show started, we realised that the SS13 collection was all about the Damier. The models descended (and ascended after that) the escalators in pairs, dressed in similar fashion, and from afar, it definitely looked as if all of them were twins.

And then there were the bags, in all their Damier-ed glory – oversized and miniature checks, sequinned,  patent, and what have you.

The Verdict: While the idea of models descending in pairs and doing the catwalk together was rather new, the Spring/Summer 2013 show really paled in comparison to the SS12 carousel and the FW 12 steam train. When it comes to Vuitton, the one thing that I really look forward to is their runway set design. When I saw the escalators, I thought to myself, “oh dear!” because Kenzo had already done the models descending onto the runway via escalators for their Fall/Winter 2012 show earlier this year. As for the bags, I’m really not at all impressed by any of them. And the oversized brown damier (with just 4 squares) remind me of the black and white checkerboard cookies.

Images via Style.com