#MFW: Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Runway & BAGS Review
25 February 2013

#MFW: Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Runway & BAGS Review

Prada created moving images for their Fall/Winter 2013 Runway backdrop with the help of a projector. Throughout the show, we got to see silhouettes of a black cat, a woman waiting by the doorway, and a ceiling fan – all moving images – against a somewhat static green watercolour-esque background that suggested it was leaves on trees, or well, just greenery as a whole.

All the models came down the runway with straggly wet hair, making it seem as though they’ve either just got drenched in the rain, or emerged from the shower. Dresses were a cross between luxe fabrics with sequins that were painstakingly sewn on to create a floral motif, and the polar opposite – somewhat off-the-shoulder striped dress with a tattered vibe which looked as if someone from the Upper East Side got thrown out onto the streets with nothing but the clothes on her back and left to fend for herself. And then there were the coats with the oversized roll-up cuffs coupled with the ceiling fan whirring away that was being projected in the background that evoked a rather Film Noir-esque vibe … Lauren Bacall, anyone? Thanks to the wet hair, though, no matter how luxe the clothes are, the models still looked as if they lived on the streets, playing dress-up momentarily in aristocratic clothes that are only an unattainable dream for them. But then again, since Miuccia  said that she was going for the “mix of rich and poor” then she sure as hell achieved her goal.

And as for the bags ….

The Verdict: Dome-shaped bags and clutches ruled Prada’s Fall/Winter 2013 runway in various materials such as tweed, wool, exotic croc, leather and in a gingham (checked) print. Bowler bags for day, and clutches that look rather like cosmetic cases for evening, which unless in exotic skins, isn’t very evening anyway. Sigh, a tad disappointed with this collection.

Images via style.com