Loewe's Latest Addition: The "Paseo" Bag!
6 February 2013

Loewe’s Latest Addition: The “Paseo” Bag!

If there’s one thing I love about Loewe, it’s their buttery soft leathers, and their minimalist clean lines when it comes to the design.
Meet “Paseo”, Loewe’s latest addition to their women’s leather goods family. Recently launched during Fall/Winter 2012-13, the “Paseo” is one of those bags that would be able to suit any age – The Magenta and Coral hues inject such life and vibrance into the Boston-shaped silhouette (think Vuitton Speedy) that makes it suitable even for the younger market while the more classic colours like Stone, and Brown would be more appropriate for someone who’s after a more serious, and slightly more mature vibe.

“Paseo” in Stone, Magenta and Coral, HKD 17,900 (approx. RM 7,160)

Although made of Buffalo leather, what’s interesting about this bag is that the leather is cut in such a manner that it resembles crocodile scales on exotic leather – the typical smaller scales on top, and bigger as they move towards the bottom. The luxe treatment doesn’t just end there because the croc scale-effect all 4 sides of the bag are identical. Talk about meticulous attention to detail! Its craftsmanship is really one of the finest there is out there, so it’s really a pity that this Spanish brand isn’t really highly regarded in Malaysia. I really can’t put my finger on why this is so. Perhaps the only thing I can really think of is because it doesn’t have logos or monograms plastered on the bags. Personally not a fan of monograms or oversized logos myself, it’s still undeniable that the majority of the population favours that sorta thing.

Image courtesy of Loewe