Louis Vuitton Introduces 2 Additions to the Sofia Coppola Bag Family
25 October 2013

Louis Vuitton Introduces 2 Additions to the Sofia Coppola Bag Family

Louis Vuitton has launched quite a few mini versions of their icons since the end of last year, and the latest to join the miniature BB-sized family this time around, is the Sofia Coppola bag, which, design-wise, is a melding of 2 of Vuitton’s biggest icons – the Keepall and the Speedy.
Vuitton has recently introduced the new BB size (smaller than the PM size), which comes with an extra-long shoulder strap to be worn crossbody. Available in Violet, Clementine, Bleu Canard, and Bleu Azur and Capucine to be released soon. The Sofia Coppola BB retails at RM 12,000

Sofia Coppola BB in Clementine

Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton have also collaborated with Paris’s First ever department store, Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche on a Special Edition SC bag (in both small and BB sizes) that is available exclusively at the store. The month of October will see the Parisian store dedicating its window displays to their Sofia Coppola-Louis Vuitton partnership.

This Limited Edition SC Bag comes in dark Cobalt calfskin with flourescent fuchsia edges. Gah, it’s really too bad that this isn’t available in KL because the colours are so pretty! Although the pops of fuchsia are only around the edges of the bag, its handles and strap, it really is striking. Plus, it’s a genius idea compared to the usual boring black and brown edges that most (if not all) bags come with, whether luxury or otherwise.

Now, if you remember, I did say that there were hardly any bags on my wishlist this year (well, aside from Bulgari’s Serpenti bag). After seeing this Limited Edition beauty, it’s catapulting right to the top of my wishlist! Next question is, who’s gonna be travelling to Paris this month? I want one!

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton