Fendi's Chameleon Boston Gets Sporty
19 January 2012

Fendi’s Chameleon Boston Gets Sporty

I popped over to the Fendi press office during a recent trip to Singapore in December for a meet-up with the Fendi peeps, and got to preview some pieces from the Pre-Spring/Summer 2012. One of them was the Python Silvana which I loved and had previously blogged about about 2 weeks ago, and this is another of my favourites from the collection.

I’m sure some of you might have remembered me saying that the Chameleon Boston is a little too Lady Chic for my liking, but this perforated colour-blocked version just transform the bag into a sporty, youthful and fun day bag. And yes, it is only when the Chameleon’s demonstrates its ability to transform and represent itself in many guises can it truly be a chameleon through and through. And this time, it has definitely succeeded 🙂