Burberry's Blue Label Christmas Totes Available in Malaysia!
22 December 2009

Burberry’s Blue Label Christmas Totes Available in Malaysia!

Introducing the Burberry Blue Label Christmas Totes! Burberry’s Blue Label line is availableonly in Japan so you can rest assured that not the chances of you bumping into someone with the same bag is close to none! And, for those of you in Malaysia, I bring good news!
Glampot, an authentic vintage bag store, is a Blue Label reseller, and takes Pre-Orders for Burberry Blue Label! See below for prices.

Small Tote: RM1900
Larger Tote: RM2100

These Christmas Edition Tartan Blue Label Totes are similar to this year’s Longchamp’s Christmas Edition Tartan Tote and even for a non-Burberry fan like myself, I find Burberry’s Version much more tasteful.
The smaller Tote retails for RM1800, and the larger, RM2100.
Pre-Order yours from Glampot today!
Note: If you’re not a fan of these Christmas totes, Glampot also takes Pre-Orders for a wide range of other Blue Label Bags.

Images via Burberry Blue Label