Balenciaga's Year of the Tiger Series Lunar New Year Capsule
21 January 2022

Balenciaga’s Year of the Tiger Series Lunar New Year Capsule

Balenciaga has dropped a Capsule for the upcoming Year of the Tiger. Pieces in this collection comprise track and denim jackets, stretch knee sweats, hoodies, tees, backpacks, wallets, caps, twisted dresses, footwear, and leather goods including the Hourglass, Gossip, and Le Cagole bags, all of which either come in tiger-striped orange, black, or orange, corresponding to the colours of the striking feline. A new sport-inspired Balenciaga logo, too comes with a roaring big cat silhouette, on the sportier pieces.

Balenciaga Year of the Tiger Series Campaign

For the launch of this Year of the Tiger Series, the campaign, shot by Chris Maggio, depicts pairs of people staged to create illusions, appearing as one person, from an angle.


The extensive Year of the Tiger Series for women and men is available for purchase at select Balenciaga boutiques globally, and on the official website.


Images courtesy of Balenciaga