Balenciaga's "Tube" Bags
9 August 2011

Balenciaga’s “Tube” Bags

I am a total B-girl, but I really am not loving this Tube collection.

Here’s the Tube Journey S ($1,885). I really don’t get this, and I’m beginning to wonder if Nicolas Ghesquiere is trying his hand at appealing to an older market. Balenciaga is usually young, and edgy but this one screams mature chic. Ever so slightly out of character for the brand I’d say.

I think that there’s too much attention focused on the middle of the Tube Cord S ($1,145). I mean, there’s the zipper, the drawstring, and on top of that, the cylindrical lock, which is the distinctive characteristic of this bag. Hm.

Now, the Tube Clutch I can totally deal with. In fact, it’s my favourite from the Tube collection. And I love how the cylindrical lock looks like a whistle detail, which reminds me slightly of the closure on Gucci’s Piccola bags. At $865 it’s super affordable. The only downside is that its interior is unlined, which I’m not really a fan of. Well, the upside to this is that it will weigh less, but then again, how heavy can a clutch be? I guess unlined leather interiors are something that you either hate or love, there’s no in-between and no two ways about it.

The Tube range is available via Barneys