Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 2013 collection: The Best and the Worst
29 January 2013

Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection: The Best and the Worst

Spring/Summer 2013 was my favourite designer, Nicolas Ghesquiere’s last collection for Balenciaga. Now, if you remember my SS13 Runway review, I was severely underwhelmed with the cylindrical bags that were being sent down the runway. In fact, I was kinda confused as to what he was trying to achieve with such bags.

When I received the press kit, I really wasn’t expecting much, but let me tell you, I was squealing with delight and “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” over most of the bags that I saw. Well, okay, so there were SOME that I thought didn’t quite fit into the Balenciaga aesthetic, but I saw so many that I loved that I really just skipped the ones I didn’t. At this point I was even MORE confused as to why these other bags weren’t sent down the runway.

Before I show you my favourite picks from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, here are some of the bags that I DIDN’T get.

I’ve always liked the soft suppleness of the Papier range but sorry to say that this black version with contrast piping looks horrid, not to mention the fact that it kinda screams fake even when it isn’t.

I got that hard/soft contrast from Balenciaga’s SS13 runway looks, but this bag with  the barbed wire-esque strap? Er, no thanks. The bag is really itself classy on its own but the barbed wire strap detail? Not sure what’s going on with that. Sure, it isn’t as painful as it looks because it’s after all made of leather but I really just can’t get used to the feel of it. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the strap actually broke and this was someone’s poor attempt and the best they could do to fix it. What say you?

This last one, I really have no words because er, well, it looks like it came straight out of a time capsule. I know fashion does “recycle” ideas and trends from the past, but this looks as if it came straight from the archives without any attempt to at least update it to make it look relevant. One that certainly doesn’t quite fit with the Balenciaga aesthetic of today. I mean, at least the barbed wire bag above looks like at attempt at the deconstructive look.

Now that all’s said and done, let’s move on to my FAVOURITES from the SS13 collection!

 The Papier A3 in this gorgeous shade of Turquoise. Nuff’ said!

Padlock All Afternoon Bag

From the Padlock collection which has also been made into one of the Classic collections along with the “Papier”, this “All Afternoon” bag is love. That baby pink! Gah, Spring please come sooner so I can get my hands on you! And shhh. Don’t YOU tell me it looks like the Luggage Tote because it doesn’t!

 A little like a cosmetic case, but that’s what makes this clutch cute! Besides, pochette-looking clutches are still clutches, and would work great as a daytime bag! If you don’t like it as a clutch, then use it as an iPad case instead!

Between this casual colour-blocked day tote and the Padlock All Afternoon Bag, I really cant make up my mind as to which I love better.  They look totally different and this is probably seasonal anyway, but it’s a seasonal piece (read: dated) but I really wouldn’t mind having because it’s Ghesquiere’s last collection for the brand.

I think some of you who know me will tell me to get the seasonal piece instead of the Padlock because I have the Luggage Tote already but it’s decision time. I really really want either of these 2 so, please give me opinions because I’m horrible at making up my mind when I love both equally. Plus, they’re in my favourite colour and I don’t own a pink bag yet! LOL. Yes justifications I know, and this is both a probably a #firstworldproblem and #fashiongirlproblem.

Which shall it be?

Images courtesy of Balenciaga