Balenciaga's Perforated Work Bag
25 October 2011

Balenciaga’s Perforated Work Bag

So the Balenciaga store just opened about 3 weeks ago at KLCC. I actually managed to head over to the store on the day of the opening, and it was just so packed that there weren’t enough SAs to serve all the customers. On the first day, I saw the new perforated “Work” bag in hot pink on display. If I’m not mistaken I saw a green as well, but I really can’t be sure because the store is just too packed. Anyway, today I was told that all available colours for the perforated “Work” and “City” bags are sold out, and the only available colour is black. The perforated Work retails for RM 6,890 and the City, RM 6,690. This means that Balenciaga’s prices in KL are slightly cheaper than Hong Kong and Singapore, so it’s good news for y’all! The cheapest however, of course, will be Europe, followed by London.

And since we’re on the subject of Balenciaga, a very reliable source tells me that Balenciaga may discontinue the giant envelope clutch soon; only the envelope clutch with regular hardware will be kept.

Image courtesy of Balenciaga