Balenciaga's Neo Classic Mini Chain Bag
9 January 2015

Balenciaga’s Neo Classic Mini Chain Bag

With mini bags being all the rage right now, Balenciaga has launched a new range of bags called the “Neo Classic Chain Bag”. However, despite being a total Balenciaga fangirl, I really don’t find this collection interesting at all. Perhaps it’s because of the hardware and studs on the clasp, which reminds me of the Valentino Rockstud Flap shoulder bag, except sans the vertical strip of pyramidical  studs. The box chain strap would be okay if you don’t have long hair, but I generally stay away from box-chain and snake-chain straps because my hair is bound to get caught in them. In fact, I haven’t met one of these sorts of chains that doesn’t snag my hair [necklaces included, not just bag straps!] except the one on the Bulgari Serpenti!

Inspired by the Arena and Papier collections, the Bag comes in 2 sizes: Mini, and Small.

Neo Classic Mini in Black
Also available in Navy Blue and Bubblegum Pink


Neo Classic Chain Bag (Small) in Bubblegum Pink
Also available in Black


Is this a yay or nay for you?

Images via Balenciaga