Balenciaga's Le Cagole Handbag
28 June 2021

Balenciaga’s Le Cagole Handbag

Balenciaga has dropped the Le Cagole handbag inspired by their signature classic motorcycle bags. In French, cagole translates into someone whose style is maximalistic and OTT (over the top), and the term les cagoles refers to people whose devotion to fashion brands are instantly made known through their over-accessorising, loud colours, logos, bling, and perfume.

The new Le Cagole incorporates signature Balenciaga codes and elements such as flat studs, small buckles, and tasseled zipper pulls along with braided adjustable straps, dimpled or stoned hardware, as well as heart-shaped mirrors and exterior pouches as leather charms, pleated leather panels, and a layered flap closure.

This hobo styled bag is available in 4 sizes and comes in arena lambskin, extra-supple embossed croc, printed floral arena lamb, metalised arena lamb, and even a super blinded out metalised embossed croc with crystal accents.