Bags I'm Coveting For Spring/Summer 2012
13 March 2012

Bags I’m Coveting For Spring/Summer 2012

Now that Fashion Month has come and gone, let’s get back to this season – Spring/Summer 2012. And today, I present to you my favourite bags from this season — all of which are on my WISHLIST!

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel

While everyone is coveting the other Philip Lim bag, this Pashli Satchel is still my favourite. Although zippers are my other love, this isn’t usually the type of bags that I usually like. So how did this get into my Wishlist for Spring/Summer 2012? Well, I really can’t put my finger on what it actually is, but the entire design just works. But I have to say that I only like it in this colour – the Pashli satchels in other colours? No sire, not my cuppa tea. The zippers on the sides can actually go all the way up, but it isn’t really something that I will actually recommend because once the sides are done up, it just looks normal and just another square bag, if you know what I mean. The zippers make the bag!! Available via Philip Lim Online for $875

Jil Sander

Jil Sander Push Button Tote

Though I’m not usually a fan of beige, this bag totally works because of the black trims which totally offsets the beige/nude colour and makes it less “blah” and the coral details give the bag just the right amount of “pop” that’s not too loud and totally office-friendly. It’s a little minimalist, but then again that’s what makes the bag versatile for any occasion whether for the office, a casual day out, this bag can easily take you from day to night in an instant. Available via Saks for $1,380

Marc Jacobs “Violet” Colour Block Shoulder Bag

Haha, notice a pattern here? I’ve picked yet another colour block bag. The Pink blush and taupe really complement each other, and this is probably the only reason why I selected this bag to be honest! Though I really wish that the shoulder straps can be undone so that it can be used as a clutch instead because with my sloping shoulders, I could never use a shoulder bag, especially one with a thick strap. Available at Neiman Marcus for $ 1,595

Givenchy Tricolour Antigona (Medium)

Ah, the Antigona. In the wrong colour, it can look a little too Lady Chic due to the structured shape. And I admit, that I was a little on the fence with the Antigona. When I was in London for the SS12 shows in September last year, I wanted to get an Antigona, but decided against it because of the choice of colours. And the same thing happened when I was in Hong Kong at the beginning of this year. Sure there were neon coloured Antigonas, and tri-colour ones too, but I found the neon ones too loud, and the tri-colour version that I saw, well, they were just a little too erm… mature for my liking. So needless to say, I didn’t come back with an Antigona in tow. But THIS one, I totally am in love with. The tan colour against the blue is refreshing and an interesting colour combination. After seeing this, I shall have to hunt one down in this colour, and ONLY in this colour! This would probably be my favourite out of the bags I’m featuring here today! Available via Bergdorfs for $2,140

And the final 2 bags (but definitely not least!) are bags that I have already featured before on the blog..

Alexander Wang Prisma Tote

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Proenza Schouler PS 1 Linen Keepall With Python Trims