Bag Reveal & Review: My New Mini Diorever
24 May 2016

Bag Reveal & Review: My New Mini Diorever

Last month, most of you regular Bag Addicts Anonymous readers and loyal Instagram followers would remember that I collaborated with Dior for their global launch of the latest Diorever bag. So I had the 3 of the bags for a couple of days to shoot, and I loved playing with them so much that I got myself one! And yes, it’s in bright limey-yellow because well, you already know about my love for bright colours!

Though not usually a fan of this sort of style because it is rather too Lady Chic for my liking, I fell hard for the mini one, which can be dressed up for an evening/cocktail look, or dressed down with the crossbody strap for a more casual vibe. I personally prefer wearing it with the flap open but if you want a more polished and elegant look, you could always use it with the flap closed.

Dressed up


Dressed down.
Just had to take this pic because here I was with the Dior and I came across Dior’s signature Cannage motif mosaic, but this was at a bakery, and not at Dior! LOL

Oh and guess what? It’s also my very first mini bag!! Yep, I’m the sort who has to carry everything with me including the kitchen sink and friends as well as my mum would always say my bags are too weighty because of it. On the contrary, unlike my friends, I don’t carry a makeup bag with me around, but somehow, my bag is still chock full to the brim. But I loved this mini bag so much that I went ahead and took the plunge, and carried only the bare necessities with me. And for such a small bag, I was rather surprised about how much it could hold! If you’re wondering roomy it is, I managed to fit a small wallet, an iPhone 6, 2 packs of tissues, keys,  a card holder, a granola bar, and some candies in it! Surprised yet?  She may be small but she sure isn’t lacking in substance! 😉 Isn’t she a darling?

All images by Bag Addicts Anonymous

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