The Pix Backpack - Smart, Animated, Customisable
14 January 2019

The Pix Backpack – Smart, Animated, Customisable

We’ve seen LED bags come down Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2017 runway, sending the fashion peeps into frenzy. Now, there’s the Pix Backpack, created by a California-based startup through a kickstarter campaign, which takes things to a whole different level!

The Pix Backpack is the world’s first digital backpack with a built-in programmable screen onto the front of the bag. Choose from any of the pre-designed graphics from the IOS/Android app, and just upload it onto the backpack. There are also a selection of widgets, animations, and games within the app. Yep, you read that right, it has games too! Just think about how cool it is to have an extra-large “game-screen” right on your backpack, and playing retro games like Tetris, Snake, and Arkanoid when you have some time to kill during the day (see photo below). If you’d prefer something truly unique, you can also design your own image, animation or graphics, and upload it to your backpack all in one single tap. If you’re concerned about it short circuiting when walking in the rain, The Pix is both water- and shock- resistant.

The Pix Backpack

And because it’s a digitised backpack, naturally, there are also compartments designed for your electronic devices, including your laptop, tablet, and even charger. To keep the graphics visible while in use, simply charge it with the USB cable that it comes with, or, if you forget or are on a long commute, you can still charge it with a powerbank, which can be used to charge your mobile phone simultaneously. Seriously, the guys at The Pix have thought of everything, because it even allows you to display your mobile notifications, the time, and the weather. Oh, and if you’re a cyclist, or on a scooter or skateboard, the backpack’s capabilities include signalling left and right so that other motorists on the road know where you’re gonna be going! Genius! What a well-deserved kickstarter product!

The Pix Backpack

Now here’s a detailed video showing you what the backpack can do!

You can now Pre-Order your Pix Backpack for a discounted price of $218 (RRP $260) via Indiegogo.


Images: The Pix