#PFW: Chanel's Spring/Summer 2014 Runway & Bags Report!
4 October 2013

#PFW: Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2014 Runway & Bags Report!

Karl Lagerfeld took us to an art gallery for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2014 runway show. With the walls  flanked with original Chanel artwork, and sculptures of Chanel’s icons including the Classic Flap bag, and Chanel No.5. While Miuccia Prada transformed her entire show space into a giant wall mural, Chanel’s felt more Artsy Fartsy, and more akin to an art fair (think Basel World/Frieze) or a Biennale than a fashion show.

With that, the stage was set, and, we were all treated to an artistic fete that truly didn’t disappoint.

Ombré effects seemed to be the thread that wove the entire collection together. Karl also does back-to-school-coll with backpacks with the signature Chanel quilting, except the pattern was made to look as if it was spray-painted onto the bag, thus infusing street art into high fashion. The Boy Chanels and various other canvas document totes were also given the same treatment. Oversized shopper totes sported a mosaic effect that was achieved with a tiled-look and even fabric and possibly organza pieces that were made to look like swatches. And speaking of swatches, the flap bag (and dresses too!) had a pattern that resembles paint swatches formed with diagonal brushstrokes. But, my favourite of all, were certainly the neon sling bags with which had ombré straps to match! The Lego bag was also transformed into a WOC which I absolutely ADORED!

Karl seemed to be painting with a wide brush on the bags that served as his blank canvases. The Fashion Führer upped the youth ante with this Spring/Summer 2014 collection for Chanel. Usually classy and elegant, the bags for this season exuded youth, vigour and nonchalance. The sun has never before shone so brightly at Chanel and Spring/Summer 2014 will certainly a happy, jolly season indeed! Kudos to Karl!

Images via Style.com