Montblanc's Mix Tape Capsule Collection
3 October 2019

Montblanc’s Mix Tape Capsule Collection

Montblanc takes us down memory lane with the latest Mix Tapes Capsule Collection inspired by the 1980s, when cassette tapes were all the rage. Some of you may remember sitting by the radio with a blank cassette, and recording your favourite songs to create your very own mixtape. Perhaps, some of you might even have put together mix tapes or maybe received it as a gift, with a track list so well thought-out and carefully curated, that the cassette, when listened to, from beginning to end, was actually a not-so-subtle message to your crush or love interest; a way in which you revealed your feelings to someone, professing your undying love to them.

If you lived in this era, chances are, the Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes Capsule comprising bags such as a backpack, portfolio, clutch, and small case travel bag and SLGs including a wallet, business card holder, 2-pen pouch, pencil case, and key fobs, would give you a strong sense of nostalgia.

Montblanc Mix Tapes Capsule SLGs

The retro-inspired collection is essentially a Capsule for men, but I’d say it’s pretty unisex, especially the SLGs like the pencil case and key fobs. What’s great is that Montblanc actually went the extra mile and ensured that they kept the spirit of the 80s alive, by also including a label print that can be personalised by writing your name on the blank label, just as you would, on cassette tapes back then.


Images courtesy of Montblanc