Gucci Epilogue's Donald Duck Capsule
23 November 2020

Gucci Epilogue’s Donald Duck Capsule

Earlier this year, Gucci released a Mickey Mouse Capsule  that was so successful that they’re back with another Disney Capsule as part of their Gucci Epilogue Collection (i.e. the Cruise 2021 Collection, which Alessandro Michele has renamed as “Epilogue”), this time, featuring Mickey’s best friend, Donald Duck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. Yep, Donald at Gucci might seem like a bit of a deja vu for some of you, especially our fashion forward male readers out there, who might have remembered Donald from the men’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

This time for the Epilogue collection, Donald reprises his role as the star of the Capsule, on outerwear (parkas, blousons, leather aviator jackets), denim tops and shorts, shirts and sets, knitwear, pants, sweatshirts, tees and polo shirts for men, and tees, crew-neck sweaters and hoodies, jeans, denim shorts, and a crew-necked woollen knitted top for women. Unisex offerings include the Ace Sneaker in 3 styles and a new pair of slides, as well as the Gucci Tennis 1977 slip-on for men.

And the highlight of it all, well, for us anyway, is the extensive retro bags collection, including: a medium and small backpack, small messenger bag, belt bag, and a tote (large and small), an East/West Tote (a style which you might remember from the sustainable Off the Grid collection); luggage, comprising suitcases, a duffle bag, and a beauty case; as well as SLGs in Gucci’s most popular styles – all of which feature either an all-over or single placement motif of Donald Duck with his 3 little nephews taken from the artwork of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse comics from the 1980s, against the GG Supreme Canvas accented with an oval interlocking G brown leather patch on the bag’s exteriors to emphasise the vintage vibe.

Resembling my passion for pop culture is Donald Duck, which appears in this collection. The idea is that the Gucci hieroglyph is able to communicate an interesting new journey when married to other symbols, including motifs of popular culture familiar to all of us ~ Creative Director Alessandro Michele ~


Images courtesy of Gucci