Bottega Veneta Introduces Paper Touch Nylon Family of Men's Outdoor Bags
23 September 2019

Bottega Veneta Introduces Paper Touch Nylon Family of Men’s Outdoor Bags

Bottega Veneta ventures into the great outdoors with their latest Paper Touch Nylon family of men’s bags for the Prefall 2019 season. Engineered to be utilitarian in nature (pun intended), these bags are made of what Bottega refers to as “Paper Nylon”, a lightweight water-resistant fabric with a crinkled texture made of 9 materials: ripstop nylon for the bright contrast linings; elastic mesh for the pockets, and spinnaker canvas for trims and straps, amongst others.

Available in a large backpack with both visible and hidden pockets, a bucket bag that comes with a semi-rigid cylindrical outer shell, and an inner pouch that can be detached and used separately, and the belt bag. Both the backpack and roll-top belt bag come with an ergonomic padded mesh back with an intrecciato pattern, that not just make them more comfortable to to wear, but also makes them unmistakably Bottega Veneta.


Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta