Artist Billie Achilleos's Animal Sculptures Made From Vuitton Bags
1 December 2011

Artist Billie Achilleos’s Animal Sculptures Made From Vuitton Bags

Brit artist Billie Achilleos was enlisted once again to come up with animal sculptures made from Vuitton bags to commemorate the opening of the George St. Maison in Sydney. This time around, the animal sculptures consisted of a kangaroo, koala and crocodile; all of which, as we know, are animals associated with Australia. I would rather have liked to see a platypus as well thrown into the mix but that’s just me I suppose.


The Kangaroo with a Joey thrown into the pocket as well!

As you might have noticed, I mentioned that this is the second time around. The first occasion that Billie Achilleos collaborated with Vuitton was for the launch of the Mon Monogram service for Small Leather Goods in May 2011.  Here, she made 4 animals out of SLGs: an armadillo, a grasshopper, a chameleon, and a beaver. Definitely the work of someone with vision.  Here’s the video of the process below. Happy watching!!


Images via Louis Vuitton Facebook Page