Alexander Wang's Pelican Satchel
11 November 2012

Alexander Wang’s Pelican Satchel

I was a little iffy about Alexander Wang’s Pelican satchel at first because I felt that he was starting to move away from his edgier style by doing a complete 180 with this bag (and, of course his Fall/Winter 2012-13 bags as well). Try comparing the Rocco and Brenda with this Pelican satchel, complete opposites that’s what they are; one’s spunky, and the other, very Lady Chic and office-friendly. I get that he’s probably growing as a designer, hence the change in his design aesthetic, or perhaps he’s just trying to reel in more fans, those who may not possibly be a huge fan of studs.

You probably think that I’m starting to sound as if I’m not a fan of the Pelican satchel. Well, that’s not entirely true because while I don’t fancy the leather versions, I am quite taken by this leather and snakeskin version, and since the Club21 multilabel store stocks Alexander Wang (along with 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jil Sander and Proenza Schouler), I paid it a visit. Needless to say, I emerged a tad disappointed because they only had the Pelican in the Weekender size (HUGE!) and in plain black leather.

Guess what, though? I finally found it online! It’s available via Neiman Marcus for $1,675 (approx. RM5,000) or via Net-a-Porter for £1,297 (approx. RM 6500), which is more expensive, but the plus side is that they ship to Malaysia. And now, I’m torn between the Pashli Satchel. If you were me, which would YOU pick?