Montblanc's Writers Edition William Shakespeare Pens
1 August 2016

Montblanc’s Writers Edition William Shakespeare Pens

As a tribute to his 400th anniversary, this year, Montblanc’s Limited Edition Writers Edition features  William Shakespeare. The octagonal-shaped resin cap with a circular ring-like top with the montblanc emblem in the middle, takes its inspiration from the semi-open-air Globe Theatre, where the literary genius used to stage his plays during his era.

The year 1597 is the year his most renowned play, Romeo and Juliet, which I’m sure is a play/story we are all familiar with,  was first published, and because of that, this Shakespeare edition is limited to a total of just 1597 pieces worldwide. The red and black lacquer is reminiscent of the red and black flags that flew above his theatre to signal to the audience the type of play that was being performed at the theatre during a particular time: red signified historical drama, and black, tragedy.

An engraving of The Globe Theatre on the Black and white Tudor version of the Shakespeare edition.

That’s not all – since Shakespeare himself was known to use a red quill pen, Montblanc has also released a velvet red ink to accompany this Writers Edition William Shakespeare series.

This numbered Limited Edition collection is available from today onwards, at select Montblanc boutiques worldwide.

Images courtesy of Montblanc