Montblanc's Limited Edition Monkey Fountain Pen for Chinese New Year!
15 January 2016

Montblanc’s Limited Edition Monkey Fountain Pen for Chinese New Year!

With Chinese New Year a mere few weeks away, Montblanc has debuted the Limited Edition Monkey Fountain Pen to commemorate the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac.

The pen’s cap sports a hand-engraved fire monkey with the last six birth years of the monkey in casted 925 Sterling Silver and Mother-of-Pearl Emblem on its top.  And if you’re wondering why the years are so far apart, that’s because in the Chinese Zodiac, each of the animals come round again in a 12-year cycle.

With the pen’s barrel in precious black lacquer on brass with  platinum-plated 925 Sterling Silver fittings, the end of the pen sports a green gemstone, the Peridot, believed to be the birthstone of the monkey.

To top it all off, the nib is also made of 18 karat gold, with an engraved monkey and the year 2016. There are only 512 pieces of this  Limited Edition Fountain Pen being made worldwide. Why 512? Because that’s what the total comes to when 8 is multiplied by itself twice (8x8x8). In Chinese culture, the number 8 is an auspicious number, and symbolises “prosperity”, so when multiplied more than once, it is believed to become even luckier!

Images courtesy of Montblanc